Collaborating with a leading charterer to deliver a solid carbon solution

16 November 2021

We worked closely with a sizeable charterer to better understand their carbon requirements.

Collaborating with a leading charterer to deliver a solid carbon solution

As part of the design and development process, we worked closely with a sizeable charterer to better understand their carbon requirements. Their input and our collective collaboration has strengthened the data collection processes, dashboards and reporting elements across the SeaCarbon/ solution and helped the client to meet their business objectives.

Like many businesses, our client has always been passionate about cleaner shipping activity, it is part of their ethos, but with growing regulation and social pressure around the GHG agenda, they took their commitment to the cause a step further and became a signatory to the Sea Cargo Charter (SCC). With this comes a dedication to annual reporting on shipping activity and therefore a demonstration of incremental improvement.

For ease, let’s call them ASC (A Sizeable Charterer). ASC had been capturing CO2 data for quite some time – load ports, discharge ports, distance travelled, etc. across all of their voyages. At the end of the year, ASC applied a benchmark value to those figures. But from 1st January 2021, ASC needed to start to capture actual CO2 data in line with the SCC framework. Going from the capture of benchmarks to actuals presented a challenge to them, particularly considering the diversity in their fixtures which covered everything from 180,000 tonne spot fixtures to more complex parcel cargoes fixtures. They needed a solution that would support the sophisticated reporting and data validation requirements across their full spectrum of voyages.

The commitment to SCC is a big undertaking, but the business wanted to be sure that the administrative burden wasn’t passed on to chartering teams. It therefore became a key requirement to ensure the capturing of consumption data was part of the ‘business as usual’ for chartering teams. Furthermore, with a firm ‘go live’ date of the 1st January, the onboarding of counterparties need to be swift, easy and flexible, ensuring data-capture from both ship and shore based staff could be achieved without conflict or barrier.

The carbon reporting results – 6 months later

In 6 months SeaCarbon/ delivered a unified solution to meet the needs of ASC’s decarbonization objectives. The solution is now fully embedded into their organisation and delivering against their objectives as part of their commitment to the Sea Cargo Charter.

When capturing actuals ASC received a 75% response rate within 2 weeks of voyage completion, significantly higher than competing solutions. And throughout this process, they had complete visibility at both an aggregated level and down to the individual voyage level, or at a ballast or laden leg. Chartering teams were then able to pinpoint exactly where their inefficiencies are and where they can start to make improvements.

All the entries fed into these carbon dashboards have been validated, providing the chartering teams with confidence that they are making informed decisions, based on accurate and correct numbers.  The full carbon data capture process is built into the everyday operational process for ASC’s chartering teams so that they can continue their work with very little interruption or change.

ASC are on track to meet the SCC requirements and will be able to submit their report at the end of the year with very little additional effort or resource. In addition, they will be able to talk to their customers and shareholders about their successful first year as a SCC signatory and the tools that are embedded within the business to make this possible.

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