Collective Expertise

30 October 2020

The role our Sea/ design team play in streamlining and improving workflows for thousands of shipping professionals

Today, whether you are a bank, a retailer or a hotel chain, you are also a technology company, because so many customer interactions take place via a screen. The primary touchpoints between a business and its clientele are digital – and that means simple but effective design is essential. What a website, platform or app looks like – and how easy it to use – have become key differentiators in the battle for customers’ hearts and minds. This is no exception at Sea/.

Handpicked from the technology, customer service and business analyst sectors, our design dynamos have varied backgrounds that come together to keep our user experience ship-shape. We caught up with a couple of key team members.

Lee Potter, Product Designer within our UX department, finds that the improvements he makes along with the development, business analyst and sales teams go a long way in supporting a user’s journey, by offering them new and improved features and functionalities.

Lee explains: “I became a UX Designer about four years ago, sidestepping from a career as a Business Analyst. I worked in the railway industry and cybersecurity sector prior to joining Sea/ and my previous roles involved working on large web-based applications, that require user-friendly front ends to sit on top complex sets of data. If platforms are not engaging and simple-to-use, then customers don’t reap the rewards of the intelligence that sits underneath.”

Nikhil Vaja, UX and UI Designer at Sea/, adds: “I joined the company three years ago, when Sea/’s design team was at its infancy. I realised quickly that there were many nuances and facets to the shipping industry, however at the same time it’s very traditional. I’ve found that with users, it’s essential to know who you’re designing for – whether that’s charterers, owners, brokers or operations teams. Each audience needs to be considered – and their differing requirements influence the way we work. You can’t base anything on assumption, it’s all about understanding your audience.

“It’s similar within the Sea/ design unit. We’re a collection of people with different backgrounds, but when we come together it just seems to work. Our designs have been instrumental in helping to streamline and improve workflows for thousands of shipping professionals. And we couldn’t have achieved that without the combined expertise of everyone in our team.”

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