Getting More from Tools for Trade

1. Make friends with our support team

Our support team can be your secret weapon to ensuring you maximise the way you work with the Sea/ suite of modules. They know all of our modules inside out and back to front. Many people rely on the support team for when something doesn’t seem to be working, or can’t remember how to perform a certain action, but they can be utilised for much more. Some of the best questions you can ask would start with:

“Is there a way I can achieve…”

“It would be useful to have…”

“This feels harder than it needs to be…”

These kinds of questions really open up new possibilities and provide you with new tips and tricks that you may not have known existed. And if we can’t answer it, we will feed it into our product development team to make it happen.

2. Update your notification settings

Go to or sea/preferences on your dashboard to explore the user preferences and notifications. There are lots of variations that you can turn on or off depending on the way you like to work. Many of our users keep the default settings as they are but getting closer to these customisations will make for a stronger and more personal experience to you. It could shave seconds off from small tasks that you perform many times a day, everyday…and over time, those seconds add up to create some significant time savings. Give it a go!

3. Update your group email

Go to Sea/preference and settings, and review your group email. It may be blank or inaccurate and if so, you could be missing out on opportunities. Having the group email populated correctly means that charterers will be able to easily distribute an order to your organisation.

4. Sign your charter parties electronically

When you come to finalising your charter party, stop and think about what would be the most efficient way of signing and getting it ticked off your to-do list. Printing, signing and posting; or signing electronically? Electronic signatures are still legally binding and it will reduce cost and time in couriers whilst also cutting your carbon footprint.

You can review your signed version at any time. The ability to access agreements and a full audit trail of paperwork in a couple of clicks is a real time saver!