Keep going with Sea/chat now with offline functionality

10 June 2019

Sea/chat functionality is extended to meet the needs of busy on-the-go shipping professionals with the introduction of key new functionality for the mobile app: offline messaging.

The shipping market is flooded with communication tools – each one offering something different to the other and everyone having their own preference to which tool best suits them. We are also seeing the use of ‘personal’ platforms like WhatsApp bleed over into the professional environment. Very conscious of this plethora of options, would the development of our own messaging platform add to the noise that already exists?

The shipping industry was missing an all-in-one solution. Taking on board the woes that shipping professionals face, this is fed into our development road map to ensure we continue to provide the right tools to perform.

As shipping professionals, you are in-undated with updates, insights, news, conversations, messages, attachments, across numerous different platforms. Whilst you’re at your desk, you have multiple screens and programs open to help you consume this information and keep conversations going. The job doesn’t always stop at 5.30pm and the idea of being tied to your desk for the duration of the working day isn’t realistic either.

We therefore needed a single solution to help keep ship professionals going. Sea/chat is continually being designed and developed with that in mind. The latest functionality to be released is offline messaging. Travelling between meetings on the tube, or flights between cities to see clients would often mean long periods of time without Wi-Fi or signal to stay in touch with the market.

Sea/chat overcomes this challenge:

Sea/chat offline

  • The mobile app reflects everything that you would see on your desktop, but in a mobile friendly, intuitive format as expected.
  • The backlog of messages that you would have received prior to going offline are still available to you, allowing to read back through message threads.
  • You can draft your responses to messages whilst offline. As soon as you get Wi-Fi/4G again, the pre-drafted messages are automatically sent.
  • In making Sea/chat your single communication tool of choice, you avoid the need to log on and continually switch between different applications – not easy when you’re on the go.


Sea/chat has the added benefit of being a compliant communication tool. Conversations that take place on tools such as WhatsApp are considered non-compliant as they are set up in a personal capacity rather than professional. Sea/chat has a verified user base, conversations are secure, and data is encrypted.

Sea/chat is available as a web application through your browser, and as an app available for iOS and Android, online and offline.