Lessons from lockdown

26 June 2020

The Sea/support team look at the trends and behavioural shifts of the Sea/ technology during lockdown

At Sea/ we know that our people are the most important part of what we do. So over the last few months,  we’ve kept close to teams to understand how they’re managing through the Covid-19 situation.

One arm of our business that has had a unique view of life under lockdown is Sea/ support. Our colleagues based around the world have remained on the front line so that our clients can adapt to industry-wide disruption and the everyday challenges of working from home. Helen Trundle, Global (User) Support Manager, spoke to us about some of the notable trends that she and the team had picked up on.

“The first two weeks of lockdown in the UK were actually pretty quiet for our support teams. We suspect this was simply a case of people getting set up at home physically, organising new processes and figuring out what could and couldn’t work at home that normally took place in the office.

“Following that, we started to see a return to normal in terms of the volumes of queries coming in.  Interestingly one the most common queries we had was around password resets probably because in the office, individuals had all their passwords saved! All of our modules are cloud-based so there were no accessibility or version control issues for users who were working remotely for the first time.

Sea/contracts is probably the module that has seen the most queries under lockdown and many of our clients were enquiring about features such as electronic signatures.

“Those enquiries point to the fact that despite the e-signature feature always having been available, pre-lockdown many clients had clearly been reverting to printed copies with wet signatures. It’s interesting for us as a support team to see the trend emerge and it also raises the question as to whether e-signatures will become the new normal post-lockdown.

“Whilst it didn’t require a great deal of support for clients, we’ve also seen a huge increase in the use of Sea/chat. With teams no longer working side by side in the office, the volume of messages being sent on this channel spiked significantly. That’s particularly interesting for us because it shows the everyday practicality of the module and that people would rather use it to communicate on a professional basis than email. It is filling a gap by providing a means to keep all communications in one place where separate, non-compliant tools can’t. This may have been helped along by the fact that lockdown in the UK coincided with the release of the Sea/chat desktop app to help customers stay on top of their messages with an ‘always on’ and notification experience.

 “All in all, the lockdown period has certainly given us some interesting insights despite the broader disruption. Our team and ability to serve clients is certainly even stronger as a result of it.”

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