Meet the new Sea/ bots

15 December 2020

On-demand area and vessel intelligence, straight to your chat feed.

Our latest release on Sea/chat sees the arrival of two new secret weapons to keep you informed. Meet the Bots! Sea/bot ship and Sea/bot area provide on-demand vessel and area information, respectively, straight to your Sea/chat feed.

The bot feature gives you access to the most up-to-date, accurate vessel and port information available today. Powered by the availability of Sea/chat you can access the Sea/ bots on your desktop or mobile, returning the results you need on demand, day or night.

Sea/bot ship provides intelligent vessel activity reports powered by our comprehensive port database and the 30+ billion data points within our AIS offering. See where a vessel has been, the speed it has been travelling split by its ballast and laden information.

Sea/bot area provides bunker prices as well as statistics calculated from our AIS data. If you’ve ever wondered what size vessel can go into a port, well that question can now be answered by Sea/bot area, simply ask it and you’ll see!

Here’s how:

Login to Sea/chat now and you will find two new contacts pinned to the top of your chat, Sea/bot area for all location-based information and Sea/bot ship for all vessel related information.

Sea/bot area will allow you to send the name of a location or port and automatically receive a summary of that specific area, including its aliases, bunker prices, link to the location on Sea/net, relevant port statistics and known cargo types the port accepts.

Send the name of a vessel or an IMO number to Sea/bot ship and you will automatically receive a summary of that specific vessel’s latest AIS information, recent activity such as speeds, laden, ballast and part-laden information, and the last 18 months worth of port callings.

As Sea/chat is available across desktop, web browser and mobile, it means you can use Sea/bot ship and area wherever you are. And like Sea/chat, the bots are completely free, so you can access the most accurate intelligence at a few taps of your keyboard.

If you’re already a Sea/chat user, give it a go now! Look for Sea/bot ship and Sea/bot area in your contacts list, and put it to the test.

If you’re not using Sea/chat then sign up today and get going for free.