Partnering with RightShip – an interview with Tarun Mehrotra

1 October 2021

We sat down with Tarun Mehrotra, Chief Strategy Officer at RightShip.

Partnering with RightShip – an interview with Tarun Mehrotra

We sat down with Tarun Mehrotra, Chief Strategy Officer at RightShip, to understand more about what the RightShip and Sea/ partnership means for the maritime industry. Tarun worked closely with our team at Sea/ to understand what this partnership will bring to our shared customers and the efficiencies it will create. For both parties it was essential to deliver a seamless journey for our customers.

Tarun, how did RightShip begin its partnership with Sea/?

At RightShip we have a vision of a maritime industry that causes zero harm. We action this vision by vetting vessels and scoring them from a safety performance and energy GHG Rating perspective. The outcomes of these services are then put in the hands of charterers when deciding on freight decisions. The more individuals who use them, the greater the commercial opportunities for shipowner and managers who invest in safe and sustainable operations and the safer the industry becomes.

By integrating with Sea/ we can work towards our vision whilst also creating a more efficient journey for our customers. We are conscious that we have a critical role to play in the industry, and by partnering with Sea/ we’re able to deliver these outcomes more efficiently to the hands of decision-makers.

What makes this partnership so important for the industry?

While the industry is looking to transform itself from a digitalisation perspective, we want to ensure that such a transformation is not at the cost of safety or the environmental impact. We want to make sure that safety and environmental decisions are embedded throughout these digitalisation journeys, and what better way to do so than to partner with a platform like Sea/ who are helping the industry transform.

What does this mean for our shared clients?

This partnership presents a unique value proposition and opportunity for our customers. It will allow our customers to be more efficient by making informed decisions faster than ever before. Users will initially be able to view the RightShip Safety Score, GHG Rating and Dry Bulk Inspection outcomes on Sea/trade, directly at the decision-making point of the fixture. The integration will become deeper in the future as we learn from each other and our customers and scale the partnership.

How does the partnership with Sea/ assist RightShip in achieving an industry that causes no harm?

If you look at the maritime industry today, there are two key trends that are impacting it: decarbonisation and digitalisation. Through digitalisation and the availability of data we can gain efficiencies by breaking down data silos and creating an industry-wide ecosystem. By building these digital partnerships we can really create a solution that delivers numerous benefits including an unbroken customer journey with safety and environmental outcomes at the forefront of decisions, and of course the associated efficiency gains this will bring. By embracing digitalisation and partnering with Sea/ we can be more transparent and empower decision makers to make informed chartering decisions quicker than ever before.

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