Dynamic document management for recaps and charter parties

Recap Manager is an online tool that enables the efficient production and effective management of Recaps and Charter Parties.

A secure online solution to create, edit, share and manage all your Recaps and Charter Parties

The creation of a Recap or Charter Party can be a time and cost intensive process. It involves searching for information, re-entering data and unnecessarily re-creating documents which significantly increases the chance of human error. These avoidable mistakes are the largest single contributor to subsequent legal action, litigation costs and reparations.

Key Features

Take a look at the Key Features included within Recap Manager


Full control of your CP terms and company specific clauses managed on one central platform.

Reduce Time

Faster creation with streamlined processes reduces administration time.


Easily share your Recaps with your counter parties, maintaining version control.


Work together with internal colleagues and external parties on recap creation and approval.

Audit Trail

View the history of changes within the document to obtain a full audit trail.


Client preferences and speifications become embedded into the contract creation process and are made available for future negotiations.


Access all of your Recaps and CPs easily from any device, any time, anywhere.


Deployment and 24/5 support included


High standard of data integrity and security with encrypted to and from services

Azure Networks

Platform hosted on Microsoft Azure network


Offers integration to Q88 vessel database