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Welcome to Sea/

Sea/ is a suite of digital tools for trade for shipping professionals that connect to create efficiencies, streamline processes, mitigate risk, and bring opportunities by digitizing workflows across the freight transaction and fixture process.

Sea/ and RightShip

The integration between Sea/ and RightShip will allow Sea/trade and RightShip customers to immediately compare vessels during the pre-fixture negotiation and evaluation stage of the Sea/trade chartering process. You can now access RightShip’s Safety Score, GHG Rating and RightShip Dry Bulk Inspection statuses allowing you to make informed chartering decisions.

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Charter with confidence

  • Streamline your pre-fixture negotiation process
  • Receive an immediate and accurate RightShip Safety Score, GHG Rating and RightShip Dry Bulk Inspection status
  • Save time that would previously have been spent pursuing ships that would not be viable
  • Make informed chartering decisions much sooner in the process

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Our team is exploring expanding our partnerships ecosystem that enables us to reduce the current fragmentation of due diligence data. This partnership with Sea/ represents an important step in reducing the barriers to data access for customers and achieve effective standardisation and increased efficiency for the market. We are optimistic about adding additional features and access after a successful trial.

Tarun Mehrotra, Chief Strategy Officer, RightShip

Sea/trade is the smarter fixture and negotiation management tool shipping professionals need:
  • Provides clearer visibility with everything in one place
  • With consistent and transparent processes
  • Allowing you to improve control across terms to mitigate risk
  • Sea/trade is an integrated solution, allowing you to stay on top of opportunities

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