The new way for the shipping industry to communicate.

Simple, reliable and secure messaging.

  • The only instant messaging tool designed and built for the shipping and offshore industry.
  • Keep communication going either in the office, on the go, online and offline.
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Keep on top of communications.

  • Communicate securely one-to-one, group or broadcast to multiple contacts.
  • Define and manage your own groups.
  • Connect instantly to front and back office colleagues via the Sea directory.
  • Make communicating simpler, more reliable and secure.
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Keep compliance air tight

  • Drive compliance in messaging – just as you’re having to in every other area of your business to meet increased regulation.
  • Control data governance, enjoy total oversight.
  • Export audit trails as needed with the click of a mouse.
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Put company chat in company control

  • Take control with the administration features that personal IM apps lack.
  • Manage access and user controls centrally, apply standards system wide.
  • Protect and secure sensitive message data – reduce the risk of mismanagement or costly data leaks.
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