Partnering with best in class providers to create a seamless integration across the Sea/ platform to enrich our customer’s experience and develop solutions that reflect the needs of our clients and the wider industry.

Collaboration will be key for the maritime shipping industry to innovate for the future.

Alex Gray, Head of Commercial Partnerships

Meet our Partners


Immediately compare vessels during the pre-fixture negotiation and evaluation stage of the Sea/trade chartering process. You can now access RightShip’s Safety Score, GHG Rating and RightShip Dry Bulk Inspection statuses.

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Veson Nautical

Streamline data flow between the Charter Party Recap process in Sea/contracts with the Veson IMOS Platform which is then available for all downstream workflows.

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Optimise pre-fixture decisions with the Windward integration in Sea/trade. With full risk profiles on maritime entities, aligned with OFAC’s guidelines on deceptive shipping practices you can charter confidently.

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