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Sea/ and Veson

The integration between Sea/ and Veson streamlines data flow between the Charter Party Recap process in Sea/contracts with the Veson IMOS Platform which is then available for all downstream workflows. This partnership allows you to streamline your processes, avoid duplication of data entry and increase visibility and traceability throughout your processes.

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Seamless integration

  • Integrate seamlessly into your existing commercial workflow
  • Reduce material exposure and minimise risk
  • Avoid duplication of data entry
  • Increase visibility and traceability across your processes

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SEA Live

Collaboration will be key for the maritime shipping industry to innovate for the future, which is why our Platform Partnership with Veson is so exciting. By uniting our expertise in charter party documentation with Veson’s expertise in commercial voyage management, we can empower our clients with the contextual information they need to make better-informed decisions based on real-time data and usable insights.

Alex Gray, Head of Commercial Partnerships

Terms from Charter Party Contracts have ramifications to the commercial viability of each fixture, therefore requiring important contract details to be entered manually is not only time consuming and error prone, but also opens up the possibility of operational and business risk. Through this charter party integration with Sea/, we can reduce these risks for our clients and unite the entire fixture lifecycle under one synergistic workflow.

Jere Richardson, Chief Commercial Officer, Veson Nautical