Sea/student has arrived

20 May 2020

You are the future of 95% global trade

At Maritech, we believe in the power of digital technology to transform the shipping industry and unlock huge opportunities for the future. As one of the biggest players out there, we recognise our responsibility in supporting the next generation of shipping professionals to ensure that this unique industry continues to thrive.

That is why we have formed our partnership with Maritime UK, supporting students studying a wide variety of maritime disciplines through their Maritime Masters Programme. The first step in increasing the interaction between UK maritime industries and academia was providing students with unlimited, free access to Sea/chat, our purpose-built communications tool.

Our new package of global shipping trade data and insight tools, Sea/student, built for all students hoping to develop a career in shipping, is also being offered to the network of around 300 students from across nine participating universities in the UK who are a part of the Maritime Masters Programme. The feature-rich functionalities of Sea/student will empower the next generation of shipping talent to grow accustomed to the tools used by the industry before they join.

With Sea/student, young people will have access to four interoperable modules, including:

Sea/net enables students to track vessels throughout their entire lifecycle, including access to AIS data, vessel data, location callings, visualized historical voyages and forecasted weather and traffic data. Sea/calc  gives students access to the industry’s most comprehensive voyage estimation tool with lightning-fast calculations, and Sea/share provides secure data rooms which aid collaboration and vital file sharing in a safe and secure environment.

We’ve already had a number of very positive preliminary conversations with lecturers about the Sea/student offering so are hoping to see a strong take up of the bundle following it’s official launch today.

Sea/student will be made available to all universities providing Maritime related courses, providing them with a single site license which will include an unlimited number of seats for students and staff, at a heavily discounted rate. A large library of video tutorials and walkthroughs will also be available to get students up and running in no time

If you are a student or university interested in learning more about Sea/, then get in touch using the form below.