Anytime, anywhere

26 June 2020

The Sea/support team are a relay team of experts across the world and across every module.

Shipping is a business that never sleeps. It transcends the time zones and office hours of any single continent. This might lead you to believe that creating a market-leading support function, to cater for an always-on industry, is a big challenge.

Well, not at Sea/. We have team of support superheroes that make worrying about continental time patterns a thing of the past.

With offices strategically located around the world, our Sea/ support team is able to accommodate our clients’ needs anytime, anywhere. Similarly, because we’re committed to our clients speaking to a human being and not an automated phone system or chat bot, the team is trained across all modules. This means no matter who calls in with an enquiry, they speak to an expert in the field they need support with, resulting in faster results and better insights.

Kitt Yu, analyst for Sea/ support told us more about the way the team works. “The day starts off with us in Singapore where we primarily support the needs of the APAC market. As our day ends, we hand over to the European team who then pass the baton on to the US team to end the 24-hour cycle.”

With this approach it means that Sea/ clients in Singapore who raise an issue needn’t wait until the next working day for it to be resolved. Helen Trundle, global support manager at Sea/ points out, “This also means the team have to be experts across all modules, both for shipping and the offshore industries, because it means we can answer queries faster for our clients. Otherwise clients would potentially need to wait 12 hours to hear back from the right person.”

When a request comes in late in the working day, or simply requires a larger investment of our team’s time than is possible before the sun sets, the baton is passed to the next support team and work keeps going until a resolution is reached.

Valentino Ngo, Sea/ Support application support analyst told us, “As I’m based in the USA, I am the last stop of Sea/’s global support relay and one of my main responsibilities is ensuring that customers’ queries are resolved or diverted to the relevant division before the cycle starts back up in Singapore. This ensures that customers enjoy a consistent level of support no matter their time zone. I believe this global chain of support allows Sea/ to offer unparalleled customer service and I’m extremely proud to be a part of it.”

The bottom line? No matter where you are or what your enquiry is, Sea/support is there when you need it.

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