Support team, assemble

26 June 2020

What attracted our support team heroes to their roles?

Assembling the right team is an art, not a science. Mixing minds with varied skills, experience and backgrounds is proven to be a catalyst for innovation, creativity, engagement and, ultimately, better results. At Sea/ we know that there’s always more than one way to skin a proverbial cat, which is why we’ve assembled a support team that is as global and multi-faceted as our clients are.

Handpicked from the technology, customer service and shipping sectors, our support superheroes are the best of the bunch. Here, in their own words, they explain how they came to join Sea/.

“I’ve been lucky enough to work for Sea/ for one year, having previously worked for a B2B company in a similar sector.” Kitt Yu, from the Singapore team says. “Before that, I worked at Apple where I started as a Technical Support and progressed to Customer Relations. During my time there, I loved witnessing how technology can significantly improve the financial performance of a business and that is what attracted me to the role as Sea/.”

Meanwhile, for Samuel Jones, also based in the Singapore office, it was seeing Sea/ in action during his previous job that attracted him to the company. “I was amazed by the sheer capabilities of Sea/’s user-friendly shipping applications and practically jumped at the opportunity to join.”

In the London team, James Daley was already keenly aware of the shipping industry and its thirst for technological transformation.My career has consisted of shipping from the get-go. Prior to joining Sea/, I worked as a Trade Assistant for a shipping company and saw that the industry was transitioning to digital. That’s why when the opportunity with Sea/ arose, I was keen to come on board.”

 “The Sea/ support department’s responsibilities are vast and varied which is great – just like the shipping industry, every day is different”, says Valentino Ngo, based in the USA. “My professional background is within customer services for technology brands. For me, the neatest thing about working at Sea/ is that I get to witness the development of modules from inception to completion. I continue to be amazed by how quickly they come to fruition! In my opinion, behind every great product is a solid support team and that is certainly the case here.”

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