The 2021 Sea/ Wrap Up

21 December 2021

As we approach the end of 2021, we have taken some time to recap on the year that has been.

As we approach the end of 2021, we have taken some time to recap on the year that has been. Here are just some of the highlights of how we have progressed our suite to provide our customers with even stronger digitised workflows:


  • The industry’s first freight trade negotiation platform, SeaFix/, went live this year and we have successfully onboarded a number of owners, operators and brokers onto the platform.  
  • We integrated with best-in-class providers, RightShip and Veson to create further efficiencies across our mutual customers’ workflows. 
  • SeaCarbon/ launched, enabling users to understand, capture, monitor and report on carbon output across shipping activity. This year alone we have successfully tracked and collected data for more than 1,300 voyages transporting 139 million tonnes of cargo and emitting 3.5 million tonnes of CO2. By collaborating with our customers, we have been able to deliver a platform that helps them to deliver on their greener objectives. 
  • Sea/contracts features continue to grow. We have made key updates to the clause library to ensure it works harder for our clients, including being able to see when, how and where changes were made to their clauses; adding visual colour codes to identify different types of clauses; and being able to easily link items together to give them a more 360-degree view within their library. 
  • Sea/analytics launched this year and proved to be invaluable during a volatile year for freight. We’ve been kept on our toes as news headlines have been dominated by changes in shipping activity. Who can forget the Evergiven crisis in the Suez? Our Sea/analytics team quickly delivered a dashboard that allowed users to understand the increased number of vessels in the area, real-time expected congestion, route deviations and stationary vessels. 
  • Sea/chat, the industry’s most secure instant messaging tool increased released improved updates which now allows users to voice and video call, broadcast their messages to groups and several contacts at once or easily mute those chats which are not as time critical. 
  • Sea/response collaborated with Oil Spill Response Limited and released the third generation of the emergency planning tool, enabling users to respond to an offshore incident quicky and effectively. The new features include the ability to coordinate multiple missions; monitor supply and reduce manual monitoring and anticipate weather changes.  
  • Sea/trade Offshore carried a fully digitalised requirement with Ross Offshore. Sea/trade enabled Ross Offshore to outline their specific high-level chartering requirements and carry out their first fully digitalised tendering process for the offshore market. You can read more about this in our blog here. 
  • Sea/calc released its carbon calculator to enable users to understand the carbon breakdown of a voyage quickly and easily, pre-fixture. Not only can users see the predicted CO2 total of the voyage but they can also understand the EEOI associated with the voyage and use the Carbon Factor table to understand why the voyage has received a certain carbon calculation and how to improve it.
  • Sea/net released powerful new features including export functionality for vessel finder; combining location and AIS notifications in one click; being able to view the carbon emissions of a voyage, anticipate and prepare for journeys by viewing future fleet positions; and much more. 
  • And last, but certainly not least, we welcomed 56 new colleagues to the Maritech team. It’s been wonderful growing our team as we work alongside industry experts to bring digital transformation to the global shipping industry. 


It’s been another successful year for Sea/ which we couldn’t have done with the input and collaboration of our clients. Thanks for joining us throughout this year and we look forward to further developments in 2022.