Take control of your carbon emissions and costs

Sea empowers cargo charterers to track and plan shipping emissions like never before. With a comprehensive breakdown of emissions, including actual, estimated and inferred ratings for the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII), Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator (EEOI), and EU ETS cost estimate, you can assess how an upcoming voyage will impact a vessel’s emissions rating and make an informed decision about which vessel to use.

By linking forward planning with reported historical emissions data from Sea’s Carbon Accounting solution, you can also track progress towards your company targets and industry standards.

Voyage carbon planning

Plan your voyage based on variables such as cargo type, cargo volume, laycan, load & discharge port, ballast & laden speed, and vessel name or IMO numbers.

Carbon exposure intelligence

Surface greater insight with a comprehensive vessel comparison table that compares CII and EEOI ratings, ballast, laden and total CO2 emissions. Additionally, EU ETS cost estimates provide transparency and insight into the financial implications of emissions, and the Voyage EEOI gives you a holistic view of the environmental impact of your voyage decisions.

Carbon target tracking

With the industry-first carbon tracker dashboard, you can assess the expected and actual performance against customisable company set targets. Visualise how specific voyages contribute to emissions to identify areas of improvement and optimise your vessel selections and voyages to meet these targets.

Why choose Sea
for Carbon Exposure?

Optimise your chartering emission decisions

  • Plan a voyage, set charter speeds and select vessels for emission comparison
  • Compare and sort vessels based on EEOI, CII, EU ETS cost, total emissions and the ability to make the laycan
  • 12-month historical breakdown of voyages and their emission scores
  • Interactive dashboard and comparison table to review in greater detail
  • Instant insight into the impact of the proposed voyage on CII and EEOI band ratings
  • Save and review previous worksheets to understand options for future orders
Sea Carbon Exposure solution

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With the shipping industry accounting for 3% of the world’s carbon emissions, Sipchem is using Sea to collect, monitor, track, and support decisions that reduce our carbon output. In doing so, we are leading the way for other companies conducting voyages in Saudi Arabia and across the industry.
Turki Asiri, Head of Logistics for Sipchem

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