No such thing as typical

26 June 2020

Find out more about the day to day workings of our Sea/ support superheroes

When we spoke to our Sea/support team to find out what was involved in a typical workday, we learned pretty quickly that there’s no such thing. In fact, this well-oiled machine that sits centrally within Maritech undertakes some of the most varied work across the business.

Based around the world in order to serve clients in every time-zone, Sea/support is one of the most important channels we have to capture feedback. Because we prioritise making support personal and never automated, our teams are always happy to discuss ways that clients feel Sea/ modules can be enhanced. Feedback is taken to our developers for a quick feasibility check and, as long as it stands to benefit our broad client base, we make the changes swiftly and effectively or build into a longer term roadmap.

That said, life isn’t all chit chat. Much of the time the Sea/support team is heads down, helping our marketing specialists to produce resources and documentation for our range of modules. This could be anything from scripting tutorial video content, to producing searchable online help articles and drafting email communications regarding product updates.

In Maritech’s London office, our support team sits side-by-side with our sales team, which adds immense value during customer trials and on-boarding phases. When any client adopts Sea/ or a new module for the first time, support is a crucial part of ensuring the client’s ROI is immediately felt.

However, our Sea/support superheroes don’t stop there. They go to incredible lengths to make sure that clients receive the very best service around the clock – being on the end of emails, phone calls or Sea/chat to help with ‘live’ queries in need of instant answers.

Sam, one of the Singapore support team, even happens to be based in the same building as a company that uses the Sea/ platform. He can often be found running between floors to help clients first-hand, from the comfort of their desk. Talk about a first-rate service.

Sam, we salute you and the rest of the support team. You’re anything but typical.

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