Partnering with Norden, one of the largest dry cargo operators, as they adopt Sea/contracts

10 March 2020

Christoffer Svard, Head of Business Development

In a rapidly transforming industry, where demands for better governance are constantly increasing, the charter party is more important than ever in ensuring that relationships between shipowners and charterers run smoothly. Norden recognised that they needed a solution that allows them to extract more value from this process, and at the same time can be scaled to the changing demands in a controlled and sustainable way.

Christian Vinther Christiansen, Head of Dry Cargo Operator from Norden said “With the volume of documentation that we produce it was necessary to rethink our operations to ensure the systems and tools we have will support our overall Digital Strategy. We needed to ensure recaps and charter parties would be produced in a standardised and efficient way, with stronger controls around terms.”

Enter Sea/contracts – our agile document management tool for smarter production and management of recaps, charter parties and other shipping documents. A single, digital tool that enables stronger collaboration between charterers, owners and brokers and protects everyone’s interests. The cloud based module enables efficient production of recaps, stronger control and management of terms and provides a full audit trail of changes and handling. With Sea/contracts in place, shipping companies will see time savings, greater transparency in document changes and less human errors.

We have been working with the team at Norden for over a year now to understand their current processes, establish what is and isn’t working for them and help identify where the ‘pressure points’ existed within their existing processes. After signing up for Sea/contracts, Norden has gone on to embed the module across its dry cargo operations covering ten offices and a fleet of 275 vessels.

Implementing new tools or changing existing processes doesn’t happen overnight, and it can be painful; however, in addressing business requirements and changing industry trends early, organisations can implement the right tools for the long-term and allow them to take advantage of market conditions rather than playing catch up.

Not only does Norden’s adoption of Sea/contracts demonstrate the industry’s demand for smarter contract management, but also highlights the increasing need for better compliance to mitigate risk. With increasing rules and regulations coming into the industry, it is more important than ever to have tools that uphold the standards and integrity that we demand of ourselves – which is exactly what Sea/contracts delivers.

We are delighted to see that Sea/contracts is already proving popular within the dry market, being used by over 1,000 users across charterers, owners, and brokers. As our industry evolves, there is a greater need for unified solutions – rather than stand alone tools. This is why Sea/contracts is complemented by a range of Sea/ modules designed to enhance the day-to-day work of shipping professionals by enabling better informed trading strategies, encouraging stronger collaboration and providing operational tools for success within a single platform.