Lighthouse Webinar: The Future of Contract Management

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June 20, 2024

Curious about the future of contract management in the shipping industry? Watch this  inspiring webinar where we dive into what lies around the corner for contract management.  Learn why you should be part of the future of contract management.

Our CCO, Christoffer Svärd, and CPO, Mads Donkin, will guide you through the current landscape of contract management, its challenges, complexities, and most importantly, how digitalisation is revolutionising these processes. The webinar is moderated by Richard Watts from HR Maritime, a renowned expert in shipping and trading.

Christoffer Svärd is our Chief Commercial Officer and with over a decade of commercial maritime SaaS experience, he is committed to transforming the shipping industry through technology and evidence-based solutions. At Sea, he drives growth initiatives, oversees sales, and uses his passion for digitalisation to propel Sea’s impact in the maritime sector.

Mads Donkin, our Chief Product Officer at Sea, brings over a decade of experience in product design, management, and strategy, spanning SaaS products, web, and e-commerce. An expert in data-driven product development, Mads plays a crucial role for Sea in creating customer-centric solutions and ensuring a seamless, end-to-end experience on our platform, employing insights to produce the most effective and innovative products.

Richard Watts brings a wealth of experience to the conversation with a career spanning decades in the maritime industry. He founded HR Maritime in 2008, offering tailored services to the trading and shipping industry and has a key passion for reducing inefficiencies and promoting sustainability within the maritime sector.

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