Setapp is now Sea – Custom Software Development. Find out more about bespoke software development for the maritime industry.

Through the acquisition of Setapp, Sea will enable technology experts, with a strong foundation in the maritime sector, to focus on the issues faced by the industry and further grow their knowledge through the experience of building high-quality, sustainable teams and solutions.

Top-tier software solutions for custom shipping flows

Setapp is a technology company based in Poznan, Poland employing approximately 50 people. They are technology providers to a number of maritime organisations. With access to top talent and a strong understanding of the maritime industry, Setapp has a unique position to expand the business together with Sea.

Setapp will continue to provide services to third parties whose projects will be ring-fenced from any other work being executed – as has always been the case. Setapp and Sea will seek to leverage their customer access to grow the centre of maritime technology excellence thereby benefitting those in the industry seeking talented teams for their projects.

Setapp x Sea: Enabling sustainable shipping

Sea is a SaaS platform focused on delivering The Intelligent Marketplace for Fixing Freight. With a range of tools serving Charterers, Brokers, and Ship Owners the Sea platform is used for an annualised 34,000 fixtures across a range of markets including over 80% of the seaborne Iron Ore market.

Setapp will be owned by Maritech, the entity behind Sea. The acquisition allows Sea to continue to build The Intelligent Marketplace for Fixing Freight and projects Sea towards its purpose of Powering Better Decisions to Enable Sustainable Shipping.

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