As the anticipation builds for the inaugural Geneva Dry,  one of the most eagerly awaited gatherings – a cornerstone event for the dry market,  we’re thrilled to be participating at Sea. However,  for us, Geneva Dry is more than just attending an event— it’s a testament to the invaluable connections we’ve established in the region.

Strength in Presence

Hosting one of our 9 offices,  Geneva is a key location for Sea, as it represents the positive relationships we have cultivated across the industry.

Geneva-based Business Development Director Aitana Conca shares: ‘Geneva is more than just a location, it’s a community that embodies the spirit of collaboration and innovation across the shipping industry. Being here allows us to stay close to our customers, regularly gather feedback, and underscores our commitment to being accessible and responsive to their needs’.

Geneva is one of the most significant hubs in the world for commodity trading, and by being present in this key location for the shipping industry for many years, we have been able to immerse ourselves in the community year-round, and actively engage in bolstering our customers’ success in their freight fixing workflows.

Now, Geneva Dry presents an excellent opportunity to connect with our customers and the wider maritime community. We look forward to exploring the latest trends and needs shaping global maritime trade, and will be available to discuss ways Sea can help you digitalise and optimise your chartering workflows.

If you are interested in scheduling a meeting with our team, get in touch using the form provided here.

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