A single view digital solution to optimise the allocation of cargoes to vessels

Understand your vessel and cargo options in order to best deploy assets in this fast-moving and complex market. With Sea you can effortlessly draft plans, adjust them dynamically, and collaborate with colleagues to achieve optimal allocation of cargoes and vessels to ensure the best returns.

Our solution ensures you always have an up-to-date overview of your options and helps you choose the most suitable vessel based on a range of variables including your carbon goals – offering reliable emission data from previous voyages.

Why choose Sea for
Freight Planning?

Optimise your Freight Planning

  • Optimise vessel and cargo allocation in one platform​
  • Dynamic and flexible scheduling ​
  • Single screen to track upcoming freight demand and available tonnage​
  • Collaborate between teams and departments​

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We now have 100% of our fixtures moving through the platform. This has brought standardisation to the fixture negotiation and management process which has been welcomed by the counterparties that we work with on a regular basis. We very much see the implementation of Sea as ‘best practice’ and hope that, with wider adoption, the whole industry can realise similar benefits and progress together.
Guilherme Brega, Head of Shipping for Vale
With Sea in place, our business is heading towards improved efficiency, plus the business has increased confidence around its governance of terms and minimisation of human error.
Christian Vinther Christiansen, Chief Operations Officer for NORDEN

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