Sea delivered a pool vessel management tool for a leading global tanker service company, enabling them to efficiently monitor vessels’ performance

Our client required a solution to oversee and track their pools’ performance and earnings.

Sea’s software development team developed a B2B platform enabling vessel owners to optimise their bunkering processes. The platform provides instant access to crucial data such as the number of fleet units, precise position, route, estimated time of arrival (ETA), earnings, and other performance metrics. Thanks to real-time updates at 15-minute intervals, it guarantees up-to-date and accurate information for efficient decision-making.

Our goal was to develop a scalable software solution. The team integrated our client’s algorithms using Python, built the architecture with React.js, and structured the data with .NET. The data is collected from several external sources, processed, and stored in the database for future use.

Tech stack:

  • .NET
  • React.js
  • Django
  • MS SQL
  • PowerBI
  • MS SQL
  • Hangfire

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